Monday, April 1, 2013

Psoriasis on Robbie's scalp is a real pain in the butt. So for easier maintenance it's best to have a shaved head. Robbie's usually bald. So off with the locks again and a warm hat with the approaching winter.

After being attacked with the scissors.
Lathered to soften the dead and flaking skin; a good massage with finger nails follows.
Flannel down and dry. Lather up the clean skin and bring out the razor that will not clog up now with the previous skin debris.
After a good rinse with wet flannel making sure all the Sorbolene generally used to wash his scalp is removed a saturated solution of Bi Carb is applied over his entire head and neck a couple of hours later to raise the pH of his skin.
Usually a fine powdery look is present once the Bi Carb has dried. All Robbie does after a shave is go to sleep to recover from the trauma. His form of cerebral palsy makes his entire skin surface sensitive to touch.

We both hate clean up time. Tomorrow might tackle his teeth.

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