Monday, April 22, 2013

'Ouch' Video
(and other stuff)
It's now seven days into my third hospital stay. Sam asked me what I wanted put on my blog spot today. Well, apart from sitting all day listening to my radio to try and keep sane I've done nothing much apart from do several pees into my nappy followed by the exciting nappy change causing me tremendous pain as my tendons protest and threaten to rip my legs out of their sockets.

My 'Ouch' video with transcript.
"Ugh, no!! Every...every time I [have] to sit up to feed my...have myself fed or drink anything [I have to be sat up]. And when I am [sat up] the pillows [between my legs] are in one place and of course when I lay back down again they've shifted several crucial inches that causes me great pain. This is a...this is a pain to me all over. A pain in my neck; a pain in my legs and a pain in my hips that isn't bloody necessary...I'm so sick of it..."
And, no, I'm not smiling at the end of the video. I'm FAR from happy!! That's my cerebral palsy 'grin' that I have most of the time and especially when in pain, and has most doctors think I'm quite comfortable.


Oh, yes. I must not forget being informed today by a student doctor - accompanied by a registrar- , who had not seen me before, that my pressure sore looked superficial when she'd not actually taken off the dressing to see it. When I reassured her that it was ok to take it off so she could look at it properly she declined and said she'd get the nurses to report on its condition when they changed the dressing. And I'm supposed to place my life in these doctors hands!!!
Sam not having been present for the examination took a look then informed me that it sure was superficial, so superficial there was no sign of the sore as it had totally healed and no sign that the plaster had actually been disturbed. So there was no further use of the plaster as long as I was not sitting on it. Not that I can sit up properly in bed anyway as I can only sit on my left side all scrunched up (which is causing me heart-burn) as my legs are in the way. It was good to have the plaster off as now I don't itch in that spot (just practically everywhere else).
This... this in seven days.

Sam apologises for the bad quality picture taken immediately after the plaster was removed. His camera was misbehaving today (22-04-2013). He'll have a new one to replace it tomorrow all going well.
A big 'thank you', from both Sam and me, to all the nurses for their wonderful care.
Sam nipped back home then brought my iPad to me as I was going into giggling fits out of boredom. Which was driving the nurses mad as they weren't ever sure whether I was giggling or in stress and had to keep checking on me. I often sound as though I am in pain when laughing or singing. And I am very, very loud as I find it very hard to lower my voice due to my particular cerebral palsy. Which then disturbs the other patients. Sigh!
Reunited with my beloved iPad. Though I'd much prefer being outside watching live sport like green bowls and swimming that is near where we live.. I live in hope.

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