Monday, April 8, 2013

Within a month of removing the skin flakes from Robbie's scalp they're back with vengeance. Definitely glad he's bald again. It's never ending. Scalp, eye-brows, ears and groin. He needs more sunlight and access to exercise. Unfortunately as long as he's debilitated with his useless legs the latter is not going to happen. Will start sitting him outside this week. I am so exhausted. Spent most of the weekend in bed sleeping and feeling as sick as a dog. Fortunately, Robbie was able to entertain himself with his iPad. And waited patiently for me to crawl out of bed now and then to feed him and our dogs.
Above, Robbie's scalp is covered with a thick layer of Sorbolene that is left on for a couple of hours to soak into the dead skin.
His face also had lots of small flakes constantly dropping into his lap so that got a smothering also.

This was taken a couple of hours after the Sorbolene soaked skin was removed.

And after a quick whip over with the razor he looks as good as new...'til next week, sigh!!! May the sun be kind to us. Must get those zinc tablets also.

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