Monday, April 1, 2013

Left foot's toe nails after being cleaned and cut. Rob hates his feet being touched as they are super sensitive, so it is a nightmare having him allow me to cut his nails. So left until so long they get snagged on things and he has no choice. He also has nail rot. Which nearly cleared up till he ended up in hospital again with no treatment as a doctor concluded he didn't have nail rot. So back to the drawing board. Fortunately his finger nails aren't a pain or rot issue. Pure alcohol, Tiger Balm or a strong solution of pool chlorine have been treatments used successfully. At one stage he had rot in seven of his toes nails. 
 Right foot is more sensitive then his left as severe cellulitis of the foot a couple of years ago while in community care damaged his skin's nerves. Note the wart-like skin growth to the left of the cut nail probably a result of pressure over the years as Robbie's big toes are positioned slightly under neighbouring toe. Above Robbie's toes have been slightly spread for the photo.

Above is the natural toe position. 

Big toe nails after application of Tiger Balm.

Even gentle brushing against Robbie's feet is painful. When he has no choice but to have a foot clean his feet jump all over the place or shake violently and have to be firmly gripped. So being in bed is a painful experience for his feet, knees and hips.

Updated 04-04-2013


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