Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tuesday 9th April
Friday 12th April
Treatment: Ice, Tiger Balm and paper napkin stuck down with Hypafix. Did not remove the Hypafix or it would rip off the fragile surrounding skin. I just place more Hypafix over the old. The Tiger Balm helped prevent the sore sticking to the napkin and also sped up the healing due to keeping bacteria at bay and increasing blood flow. The sore is healing despite still being pressed heavily against the back of the wheelchair. Tonight I repositioned Robbie's back cushion and he says it feels a lot better. So hopefully the sore will heal even quicker now along with continuing the ice and Tiger Balm treatment.
15th April

Nope. Repositioning of back cushion did not help. The small pressure sore to the left is worsening. The lower right back sore is stable the sore above right has healed with a large scab peeling off tonight. The dark area at the very lower right bottom is skin hardening as not enough blood supply in this area. The whole area in general is not getting enough blood as apparent from the purple colouring. The blood spot is from a small bit of skin that was stuck to the Hypafix. The rest of the skin did not stick as the Hypafix was several days old and had lost most of its adhesiveness. Smelt awful.

More application of napkins and Tiger Balm. Where the hip is not forced against the wheelchair's back the healing was successful. Unfortunately, I can only do so much. Robbie's twist in his hip is also compounded by the fact he has calcification of the lower spine causing it to fuse making it slightly concave (banana looking) and pushing his lower back backward as his top torso is moved forward as it hurts him to sit back now. Thus the pressure sore at the lower right not able to heal.
There seems no choice now but for Robbie to be confined yet again to bed. But I can not care for him as I've no support - and no appropriate support is available - so it means another spell in hospital and more mucking around. I can not solely care for him while a public surgical team is collected together over time who plan to do a minor tendon release some time in the future that 'might' help. I've run out of time despite months and months of asking for help.
 I've spent the entire Sunday of this weekend in bed sleeping and again dosed with pain killers. Only getting up to feed Robbie and help him urinate into a bag filled with a nappy as he can not wear a urodome at the moment due to sores on his penis that have nearly healed.
All this despite a world leading orthopaedic surgeon recommending total tendon release of the groin area and amputation of the legs just above the knees. Not only would this solve Robbie's hygiene issues it would give him mobility, help halt and/or lessen the fusion of his spine and remove most of the terrible pain he has in his groin, and naturally remove all issues with his knees and feet.
Actually, most who have hands on care of Robbie see the rational of the recommendation and even Robbie's amputation request before seeking an advised second opinion. It's only those in the public health system who can presently help that are reluctant (some want to help but have their hands tied due purely to political medical red tape). But since they're not the ones caring for Robbie 24/7 and experiencing worsening health issues is of no concern. Some who have not even met him or taken the time to speak with him generally have the final say.

Here's the last bandage change with body fluid and scab. Top middle of the image is body fluid. The little pieces to the right are the scraps of rotting flesh I removed from the right lower sore. At the bottom is the large scab that came away with no problems from the now healed top right pressure sore. Again, the Tiger Balm prevented the sores sticking to the napkin and helped blood supply. Napkin helped keep the sore dry being absorbent and allowed aeration to some degree.

More daily ooze from Robbie's groin area collected on cloth nappy accompanied by the usual stench.

22nd April
After seven days in a hospital bed and the nurses following Robbie's skin care plan.


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