Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rob's raw and weeping scrotum/under legs.
(Update: 03-04-2013) Scrotum after a few days of Tiger Balm and/or Papaw ointment.

(03-04-2013) Application of Tiger Balm after cleaning the skin with Sorbolene to remove large flakes of dead skin. Tiger Balm helps blood flow and white blood cell congregation to the wound area and kills/retards bacterial growth. Also a good icing is best after a clean up to rid the area of any bacteria that may be present before application of any healing balms or ointments.

Robbie always sits on pure cotton cloth nappies or towels that have been tumble dried for softness. His skin must be treated like that of a new born's. Once he's all healed a moisture barrier of zinc and Castor oil or routine papaw ointment is pretty beneficial. Have learnt the past few days that with Robbie's worsening skin condition it is essential to have rolled up cloth nappies between his creases for extra absorption of any body plasma or sweat that is a breeding ground for bacteria or prevents the necessity for the sores to be kept as dry as possible as it is not possible to air the area due to the strong contractures of his hip's tendons.


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