Monday, April 15, 2013


The above 2:40 minute video is a demonstration of how I can clean Robbie while he's in his wheelchair. It's easier for both of us and far less painful and traumatic for him than hoisting him onto a bed and then trying to get him back in his wheelchair again.

Despite my degenerative spinal disease, brittle bones and myopathy I've learnt over the years how to correctly position myself to safely lift Robbie without harm to either of us. And I take pain killers in order to function. And I suppose I've a high pain tolerance having lived with pain of some sort for over 20 years. No point in complaining. Just get on with things. My lack of energy and high anxiety levels over Robbie's future welfare is my main concern.

Though the video shows how easy it is to access Robbie's butt, accessing his groin/pubic area is another totally different situation. I had to place him in hospital care today for a couple of weeks as his pressure sore situation has taken a turn for the worse and his contractures are worsening. I can no longer cope emotionally or physically till his situation changes for the better. After 24/7 caring for him these past few months I need sleep and rest. Though I will visit him daily to check on his sores and keep reassuring him that he is not going to be committed to an institution and left to die. The hospital is thankfully nearby. 

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