Monday, May 18, 2015


Hi, All.

It's been sometime since Robbie's double above knee amputation. It has been a total success for what it was intended for with no complications whatsoever.

Robbie was assured that further operations would be considered in the future to tackle the arthritis and bone spurs in his hips but a few doctors have decided this is not going to happen. So since the amputation on 11th December, 2013, Robbie has not spent one night in a bed. His condition is worsening as seen by the images I now post of recent spine, neck and hip. Robbie and I have begged for him to have the bilateral hip disarticulation he first wanted. But the reply is a big NO. All other options have been ruled out it seems. Robbie said if he didn't get help he will soon have to be placed in an institution or hospitalised where he will then die. Some of the doctors see no problem with that scenario. Well, we do see a problem! Don't you all out there see a problem?

         Image of Robbie's spine two years ago. Below images of Robbie's spine, neck and hips today. Significant change! HELP!

Deliberately letting another person with cerebral palsy die needlessly because of inappropriate 'care' or inaction regarding surgeries is negligence of the highest order. Another weak excuse among the many was that this is new breaking ground for someone with cerebral palsy. What a load of bull dust. Risks are taken everyday in medicine and new ground successfully broke.

So in an attempt to yet again save my friend's life I have started a campaign. SAVE OUR ROBBIE! It involves emailing three individuals a letter Robbie and I composed showing how many people care for and love him and will not allow their friend to die because of some surgeons' inaction and reluctance to find someone with the courage and respect to help Robbie. The three, Professor Al Muderis, Fiona Scott (MP) and Dr Rami Sorial wish to help Robbie but without people behind them for reassurance that they are not responsible for any bad out come, their hands are tied. Professor Al Muderis and Dr Sorial do not necessarily have to be the ones performing the disarticulation though Robbie and I would love Professor Al Muderis to be allowed if he so chooses but since he is a private surgeon he can not operate on Robbie apparently. Bloody red tape!!!

Professor Al Muderis, Fiona Scott and Dr Sorial have been notified that they should expect a few emails soon in support of Robbie's informed choice to risk disarticulation. After all he's going to die soon if he doesn't get the help he has asked for so what's the issue!!!

Please note that Professor Al Muderis and Dr Sorial may not necessarily be in agreement with Robbie to have the disarticulation and should naturally not be forced to perform such a procedure against their will. All we are asking for is to find confident and competent known orthopaedic and vascular surgeons to perform the bilateral hip disarticulation so as to save Robbie's life.

The letter can be found at a site I have created for the SAVE OUR ROBBIE! campaign at .

A big thank you from Robbie and myself.