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Above: an inconsolable Robbie (an image from the video above it) after being told he can wait for up to 12 months or more for a simple partial tendon release - that isn't going to do much for him anyway. Until then he can remain bedridden while the calcification of his lower back worsens and he can end up institutionalized as I'd not be able to care for him under such conditions. Hopefully by then he will be beyond help and the recommendations of a world leading orthopaedic surgeon can be thrown in the waste paper basket. 

But is this news any wonder, since the news came from the same doctor (one of a handful who do not necessarily share his opinions and feelings but out ranks them obviously) who is involved with his latest stay in hospital who admitted to Robbie, during his last stay, that he would like to see me out of the picture (run over by a bus as Robbie put it to him). Then Robbie could be committed and thus have no say whatsoever regarding where he lived or what medical treatment he could have. (No advocate; no help; left totally defenseless). And, further, that there were no appropriate institutions so he would die or remain in chronic unbearable pain and bedridden. Wearing nappies and laying in his urine most of the day and raising his risk of pneumonia due to choking on food and chest infection since he can not sit up.

As one of our GPs some years ago said: 'Don't bother taking on the public health system as it will crush you along with those who try to help'.

Robbie is so angry that I tried to get us a new life in N.S.W and that I did not gas us both instead. He told me I was wasting our time. No, some doctors do not care about or follow the Hippocratic oath and are an absolute disgrace to the medical profession.

 It's so ironic that when we first went to a public N.S.W hospital some of the doctors felt quite indignant that we feared the same abusive and negligent treatment by the N.S.W medical system as we had experienced in Darwin (which most consider a back water full of ferals. Well, some doctors have now proved to be even worse by preventing or hindering those willing to help - both within the public and private system - from doing. Worse because there are more hospitals here and doctors who they are aware of who can and would help.

Robbie is a viable human being who could become mobile and free of most of his pain. But some do not want this. Not for him or others or their carers and families. And they will do everything to block those who are willing to help and who do follow the Hippocratic oath or have morals.

What can be said about doctors who willingly and knowingly leave a patient in chronic unmanageable pain and bedridden knowing their condition will worsen if not seen to immediately. Crippling them further and rendering him or her institutionalized unnecessarily. DELIBERATELY allowing and making this happen. Knowing the situation and condition of a patient is treatable; that the appropriate treatment can liberate and will not result in death. Correct Robbie and me if we have got it all wrong here. Someone; anyone?? No. Didn't think so.


Robbie: Howling for the first 23 seconds and during most of the video.

Sam: As you can see, Rob's really upset. But that's no surprise as this is unfortunately the way those with cerebral palsy can be treated and are treated. They (doctors and authorities) are so use to just putting people like Rob away in homes. And that's why a lot of them die every year needlessly. Or become far sicker and disabled. Like now Rob is expected to wait at least twelve months to have a 'minor' tendon release while they (surgeons, doctors and others in the public medical profession) are fully aware that Rob's lower back is starting to calcify because he can not move properly. Now, they say they have to consider the 'welfare' of all their patients. No they don't, 'cause an operation that Robbie is suppose to be having is so simple and quick. Twelve months!! Really. Yes, twelve months to become more severely handicapped then he already is. Really loving care. NO. Hippocratic Oath to protect; help. No. It does not exist. Not with some of these surgeons and doctors.

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