Sunday, April 21, 2013


Due to the brain damage Robbie's stress control mechanism is broken. So whenever he is overly stimulated the synapses in his brain misfire - whether he is happy or sad - and produce what are called pseudo seizures. He is total conscious during these events and can feel them coming on. These can last from a few seconds to three minutes or more. But if he doesn't stop he does not get enough oxygen. Fortunately, when in a stable environment these 'fits' are rare. He's only had to visit hospital twice by ambulance during nineteen years and placed on oxygen and given sedative.
Generally he can be helped out of 'fitting' by firmly rubbing his scalp. No slapping or tapping him lightly on any part of his body or this will only produce more tremors as his skin is very sensitive and this only causes more stress and trauma.
Robbie and I were joking around today in hospital and the result was the above 'fitting'.

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