Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rob's ear goo 18th March, 2013.
After nine weeks bedridden on his left side.
Left ear wax. Dry but plentiful. Needs flushing.

Right ear wax; soggy due to the ear not draining during the nine weeks Rob was on his left side. It took a couple of days for his balance to return once this large chunk came away of it's own accord after sitting in his wheelchair since the 14th of March. Then fished out carefully with a cotton bud without flushing. Before the wax fell out he zig zagged all over the place when driving his electric wheelchair.

Bought an otoscope a couple of years ago to check Rob's ears as he's very prone to ear infections due to an incredibly high production of wax over a very short period of time. I've learnt how to safely flush his ears out but was never sure how much had accumilate, where and if all had been removed until this nifty little light came into our lives.


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