Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Two days after packing cloth nappies between Robbie's leg creases the sores are dry and scabs have already formed and fallen off mostly. Also maddeningly itchy for him. Applied more zinc and Castor oil cream. Fortunately Robbie's skin heals very quickly as the psoriasis causes the skin to reproduce cells at an incredible rate.

This is where a nappy slipped out and the crease dividing the tummy and pubic area remained damp. As a result the skin opened up. It takes less than a day for Robbie's skin to become compromised, soggy and peel off leaving open sores. Above and below the cracked crease are the odd pus filled sores that have sprung up over the past few weeks. Sores he's never had before in this area. Lanced, gently rubbed with ice and either paw paw or zinc and Castor oil cream applied. Keeping a nappy in place is very difficult for the usual reasons. This area became unbearably itchy so Robbie choose to have tiger balm applied for relief. Again icing any sores or wounds is routine method of killing any bacteria, established and/or potential infection.

Complications over keeping a urodome on over the past few days has made keeping the soggy sores dry more problematic. The increasing amount needed and area covered with oil based creams also compromise the adhesive of the urodomes and the Hypafix reinforcement when any cloth barrier between a urodome and legs skin is displaced by his powerful contractures. Plasters are not appropriate as they pucker up, also compromised by the oils and can tear Robbie's fragile skin if removed too soon. Also, in the past, any infection that may build up under the plasters has sometimes been overlooked as the sores were not visible under plasters. So it's always a case of clean; ice; pat dry; cream/oil and try and keep dry. Aeration is not possible.

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