Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rob's penis has ended up looking like his face.

His legs have been crushing his penis with the usual above result. Also swelling up. Very itchy and oozing plasma from his scrotum also. Driving him mad and frustrating him that I'm the only one who can deal with the problems as I'm here with him 24/7; is the only one who can clean and dry him properly and I'm the only one who can put him through the pain of being cleaned and moved without freaking out.
Applying Tiger Balm onto the penis and also inside. First time Rob asked me to do this I only applied a small amount of the Balm just in case it was not a good idea. It did not burn him and though there was an intense burning feeling it was far preferable to the maddening itch. Nor did he swell up. The Balm kills off bacteria and encourages blood flow and the heat encourages white blood cells to accumulate at the site and speed up healing as it fools the cells into thinking there is a heat producing infection.
Plasma from Rob's scrotum oozing onto his longer penis tube that he has to wear again to urinate while it heals. I hate leaving it in place but presently we are moving house and he needs something to pee into while I leave him for a couple of hours travelling up and down like a yo-yo on my electric mobility scooter.
 But tonight (21-03-2013) he's wearing a plastic bag. I pull his penis through a small hole that expands until the base of the penis is reached and makes a snug fit. He's already had an application of Tiger Balm and once the penis is in place a nappy is wrapped around the penis so the plastic isn't touching much skin. With moving house I forgot to refill the ice cube tray so I couldn't ice the sores.

 Above: Rob's scrotum/under legs last night (24-03-2013).
Also last night, Rob's penal pressure sore was the size of my thumb nail. He's going to have to wear has shorter penis tube again to stop the legs crushing his penis. Not being able to wear a urodome is tiring for both of us and produces lots of washing and work. Presently, Rob and my life revolves entirely around cleaning his open skin sores so he doesn't end up in hospital again, bed ridden and dosed up on pain killers due to incorrect positioning.

A heavy application of bicarbonate of soda paste looks like the next step packed with cloth nappies to soak up the plasma. Or extra virgin olive oil has pretty good healing affects. Applied a heavy layer of papaw ointment last night to the entire pubic region and under legs.

Rob has an appointment with a public orthopaedic surgeon on Wednesday 27th March. Looks like tendon release is the only option presently.

April, 2013
April 13th. One side of penis.

April 13th. Other side of penis.
Robbie admitted to hospital - again - April 15th, with deep pressure sore in lower right back due to worsening twist in hip. Still waiting for surgery date for minor tendon release!! He's still waiting for his dream to come true where he will be able to sleep in a bed again free from most of his pain.


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