Thursday, March 21, 2013

 Bi Carb paste applied 20-03-2013.
After removing flaking skin.
Rob doesn't usually bleed this badly with the psoriasis.
Bi Carb paste application. Still weeping in areas that are not yet white.
Two hours later the weeping has stopped and Bi Carb mostly dried.

Rob had this outbreak as I'd not applied a saturated solution of Bi Carb for a few days. I've been run off my feet moving house. Thankfully his wheelchair came back from repairs a couple days before the move so he has been able to play more with his iPad and has been sailing through his 'Game of Thrones' novels. And not being confined to bed I've been able to leave his side more to make the house shift. I am exhausted so his face skin care went a little off track.
I'll update this page in a week's time to show the progress of the healing.
22-03-2013. Before removal of dead skin.
22-03-2013. After clean up and application of Bi Carb paste.
24-03-2013. Before removal of dead skin.
24-03-2013. After dead skin removed.
24-03-2013. Fresh application of Bi Carb paste and a shave.
28th March, 2013, with Sorbolene moisturiser to make ready for removal of any remaining flakes of skin. After care is a saturated solution of Bi Carb every two to three days to keep the skin in an alkaline environment.

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