Friday, March 29, 2013

Psoriasis is out of control again both right and left and scrotum. The unbearable itching was relieved by applying Tiger Balm. Rob says the pain and itch level has dropped from a 6 to a 2.
29-03-2013 Before application of Tiger Balm.
03-04-2013 Tiger Balm seems to be helping with healing.
Rob won't be wearing wafers for a couple of days for his colostomy. The above may have happened as the last time I changed his colostomy I did not ice the entire area. During moving house I failed to place a fresh large ice block in the freezer. So last night I wrapped a whole frozen peach in a plastic bag and used that. He's presently padded with cloth nappies to catch any poo. And I've rolled up two cloth nappies to place between his belly and top leg crease and groin/scrotum area to make for extra absorption of sweat and plasma from the heavily weeping sores.
I've put in place Rob's short padded penis protector (tube) to stop his legs crushing his penis that's prevented wearing a urodome for several days due to pressure sores. Hopefully he will be able to wear a urodome again tomorrow. Until then, when he needs to pee he tilts his electric wheelchair forward and a plastic bag is placed over the tube so he can pee into it.
Note the left leg is strapped down to the wheelchair to prevent it wandering left-wards; causing more hip twist and shifting his butt out of place and forcing the right lower back pressure area to push heavily against his back cushion. Yellow nappy is catching any poo and the white nappies are absorbing the sweat and body plasma. Blue material stops the plastic tubing coming in contact with Rob's skin.
Most of the raw skin has healed along the upper leg and pubic crease area with the application of Tiger Balm and rolled up cloth nappies for extra absorbtion of sweat and body plasm (Updated: 03-04-2013).

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