Monday, March 11, 2013

This is me using my feet to separate Rob's legs today in order to get to his groin area. Good thing I'm hypermobile in every joint of my body. The pull of the contractures is incredible!! No wonder he's in pain! But I have to be careful as I've brittle bones and don't want to end up breaking another rib or something. When I've no one to help hold his legs this is what I have to do. Then when in position clean the area and apply whatever cream needed all the while reminding him to look up and not down or he involuntarily curls up into a ball. Fortunately, a carer comes around to help at the moment so she talks to him for distraction. Very helpful.
 I've been packing his groin area with cloth nappies the past two days in an attempt to dry up the soggy skin along with zinc and caster oil. Fortunately it has worked. But it is exhausting for Rob (and not to forget traumatic and painful) to have his legs pried apart but no other option. Taking muscle relaxants compromises his throat muscles and raises the risks of not only choking on his food and drink but also his own saliva.

The longer tube leading into a plastic bag that I put together for a non spill urination device is also helping. Though it can not be left in place as his legs displace it. But it would not be wise to leave it in place long term (all day) as the tubing would rub and dig in causing its own problems. So he has to call whenever he needs to wee. Good thing I've a good supply of cloth nappies and a drier.

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