Sunday, December 15, 2013

Robbie, the FREEEEEE amputee!!!

11-12-2013. Last photo together with our furry family five hours before Robbie's double above knee amputation surgery. Robbie's companion dog, Feather, the long haired Chihuahua; Bun the rabbit; Russell, the Jack Russell and Harry, our pound rescue English Pointer.
Big thank you from Robbie.
Reading a book while waiting to be called for surgery.
Waiting Room Chat.
Waiting to be wheeled away to surgery.
Couple hours after surgery. "This is the most comfortable I've ever been in a bed in my entire life", was one of the first things Robbie said. The weight of his legs are no longer pulling on his back.
Not 24 hours after surgery and Robbie's sitting up in bed for the first time in his life without pain and not looking like a human pretzel. He enjoyed his first meal in comfort.
Friday, the drains were removed.
Playing with his iPad briefly during five hours of sitting up. This was totally impossible previously.
"My stumps. My stumps. My stumps!!!"
Good-bye legs. Good-bye old life.
Straight after initial dressings removed (18-12-2013) only seven days  after the operation.

Relief! First time in wheelchair (19-12-2013) eight days after surgery and so comfortable.
 Above: 18-12-2013
Two weeks after the surgery. Healing well.
Above: First acupuncture session for phantom (fake) pain 21-12-2013. Robbie feeling very relaxed. Effect lasted a few hours. But the pain is gradually fading and look forward to the next session.


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