Monday, September 16, 2013

Since Robbie's been home the past six weeks I've been applying papaw ointment on the raw skin under his stoma area and also the other side that was inflamed. Two weeks with only cloth nappies as the wafers naturally won't stick to the oil based papaw ointment. After a couple of weeks the skin cleared up totally and enabled the fixing of wafers again!!
Above is what Robbie's skin looked like about seven weeks ago. While in the hospital we were given a hard time by a couple of nurses. Which was very unusual as it's generally the nurses who keep us sane after dealing with obstinate, judgemental and arrogant doctors. Leaving the hospital one nurse had convinced the others that Robbie did not suffer psoriasis but a fungal infection and also claimed he was allergic to the Hypafix - which is low allergy (fortunately not all agreed). I've been using for many years Hypafix to keep the wafers on! When Robbie's psoriasis flares up it has nothing to do with the Hypafix.
Above's an image just before changing the wafer that has been fixed down with Hydofix for four weeks during several wafer changes after cloth nappies were no longer required. Note faeces under the wafer that had been there for about three days in direct contact with bare skin. Faeces Robbie and I decided to leave demonstrating what happens to his skin if solid faeces is in contact with his skin for a long period of time. Watery stools burn but not solid.
Faeces stuck to skin.
After clean up no sign of skin irritation or burning. Treated with ice as usual to kill any bacteria and sooth the area after any rubbing necessary during cleaning that could have broken the skin but not visibly noticeable.
Lifting up Robbie's belly to expose the crease area free of inflammation or psoriasis.

Placing on fresh wafer with application of paste filler. Still have not been given wafers that are indented to conform with Robbie's slightly sunken stoma. Must chase that one up.
Application of four strips of Hydrofix; one strip for each side. We've been using this tape for over ten years. It helps keep the wafers fixed and also prevents the faeces leaking out quickly when it has pancaked (crept under the wafer).
Wafer with added 'ring' to fill the indentation and some paste as an extra measure.
Papaw ointment is applied on the crease under the belly, in the leg creases and on the scrotum. Then placing of the usual cloth nappies to separate skin folds, absorb moisture and prevent the oil compromising the Hydrofix. Nappy always there to catch any faeces if there is leakage.
Today's the 25th of October and since applying papaw ointment to Robbie's groin area and under his arm pits many weeks ago he's been mostly free of his long as cloth nappies are still placed between his skin folds.
His face still breaks out but I've noticed heavy applications of sorbolene like a face mask every few days is helping prevent severe break outs that have left him in the past looking like he's been attacked by a blow torch. I'd smother his face with papaw ointment but being greasy it would not be pleasant and he'd rub it off unintentionally and get it all over his iPad and anything else he touched. 

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