Saturday, September 3, 2016


Robbie and I went to his Public Guardianship review on the 29th of August, 2016.

(Note: Some readers to this site may remember his younger sister and his family suing for guardianship over him on the 26th August, 2015 and failing. But the NSW authorities placed him under a Public Guardianship instead as they disliked him placing confidence in me - his sole full time carer of 22 years - over that of surgeons' advice and other total strangers who more often than not misdiagnose Robbie or down right just ignore his needs because he has cerebral palsy so throw him into the too hard basket and hope he just goes away. Well, several months later I was threatened with a twelve months jail term for posting an edited version [where I had removed people's names] of the report from the Tribunal [which I have now taken down temporarily] outlining the panel's reasons for putting Robbie under a Public Guardian and my additional notes bringing to attention that, during the Tribunal hearing of the 26th, his human rights had been violated and where. That, in fact, his rights had been violated by misconduct of a certain staff member some days before the Tribunal Hearing of the 26th.)

Well, on the 29th, August, 2016, an unwelcomed participant at the review who had submitted false and misleading information to the Tribunal panel last year without any ramifications; who Robbie had disowned over a year ago and who still wants him institutionalised (not a hard guess to who) so he can not access the necessary surgery he has begged for, did something very bad and premeditated just before the review started. Traumatised him so much he started fitting and dry reaching. Thankfully he did not want any breakfast the morning of the 29th as he was already too stressed to eat even before we arrived at the Tribunal location. The review finished early. He started dry reaching and fitting again. I have never seen my friend so stressed in the 22 years I have cared for him!

Though the review went on for a while it was decided to postpone the decision to whether to free Robbie from the Public Guardianship or not for a later date though Robbie, my self and several of his friends who were physically present at the review strongly objected. He went through hell. He was ignored. He had no choice. So he remains under Public Guardianship for a few more weeks; months; forever who knows. Robbie's too shattered to say much at the moment. His hell and pain and fear of his family - who he publicly disowned a year ago - continues. Hopefully he will recover enough in a couple of days to post to his FB site SaveOurRobbie a short video to address his friends and supporters. He wants you all to know that your collective love is helping to sustain him; giving him strength.

FB: sam.davies.376043

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