Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hi, Everyone.

It is now day 15 of our sit-in at 50 Station Street, Penrith, NSW. We are under censorship by the Australian Federal Government and State governments; Australian Medical Association; and Australia Medical Board. All major and popular TV media programs such as 60 Minutes, A Current Affair and a list of others are fully aware of our story but have not come near us. Nor has any papers outside the Penrith area as far as we know.

Please, anyone with media connections in other countries that are not owned by Rupert Murdock can you get our story out the internationally. Thousands of disabled, carers, very ill people and the indigenous are under censorship here in Australia. Australia hasn't earned it's place by the UN of being on of the worse countries for abuse and neglect toward it's disabled, indigenous and refugees for nothing!!! Help us please.

Our iPads were stolen from our tent. But we have now replaced them as I always set emergency money aside for such disasters. For Robbie it is a disaster as that is what keeps him relatively sane while confined to his wheelchair day and night! My iPad had photos that can not be replaced and my advocacy work/links in it!!!

Then yesterday early morning, Saturday, someone ripped the controls off of Robbie's hoist. Charming!

But we stay put. We will not move till a hospital publicly announces that it has found willing surgeons to save Robbie's life by allowing him the right to honor his 30 year need to have a bilateral hip disarticulation. Surgeons who genuinely live by their Hippocratic oath not to harm. Surgeons who do not indicate that it is acceptable for a patient to go home and suicide along with his or her carer when both their lives can be saved. How shameful for any doctor or surgeon to have such an attitude! What shame they bring on other honorable men and women in the medical profession who fight daily to save the lives of their patients without discrimination or fear.

Robbie also on facebook. Please share.

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