Sunday, July 28, 2013

Robbie's been home now for four days.

Two days after removing the stitches between his legs that were cutting into his flesh the incisions have nearly healed. So tonight he had his first major physio.

We took away the arm supports to allow for Robbie's legs to hang over the edges of the crocheted wheelchair cushion. His feet are heavily padded as they're extremely sensitive and are causing all sorts of problems interfering with positioning and they're sensitive to touch as always. Knees also heavily padded so the straps do not dig in. The orange objects are heat packs. When stretching someone with cerebral palsy it's vital massage areas be warm first. Even abled bodied people should be heated up somewhat before any massage. More so the disabled.
Heat packs still in place - under the purple top - I gradually begin deep, slow and gentle tissue massage of the tendons and muscles. As seen in the photograph, Robbie's legs can be separated over 90 degrees without too much pain. After the massage the stretch pain level had dropped - on a score out of ten - from a 7 to 3 in his left leg; a 6 to a 2 1/2 in his right leg. Never have someone with CP wreathing in pain!!
During separating his legs he was also stretched back - reclined - as far as possible resulting in only mild appropriate stretching pain. This he thought would cause incredible pain but instead actually reduced the pain in the tendons. Surprised me also. Everyone is so different.
Robbie had been complaining of a lot of pain in his lower back for the past few days. After this first serious physio, heat packs and massage he says the back pain is barely there. I believe that perhaps Robbie's hips were out of place somewhat and may have been causing sciatic nerve pain. Opening his legs and laying him back may have aligned hips and spine. All good so far. Will do this daily. During physio he may rest for five minutes occasionally when he needs in order to reduce his body suffering too much trauma that will result in contractures and spasm. Length of physio is decided by his body.
See the surgeon on six weeks time.
Today he's not asked for any pain killers!!!
Above: Robbie's legs before the percutaneous tendon release performed early June, 2013. Legs crushed his penis causing pressure sores on it. And it was impossible to reach him properly to clean without wrenching his legs apart causing agony and damage to the skin while cleaning.

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